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Popular Science: Laser Level Maintenance Method
Release date: 2019-02-14 | Views:
Keywords: Popular Science: Laser Level Maintenance Method

The laser level is a sophisticated product. Generally, the individual or the repairer cannot be repaired. It must be sent back to the factory for repair, but some common problems can be determined by yourself. When the product has the following problems, please first deal with it by exclusion.

1. The switch knob is not rotated to the end.

2. Open the case and check if the copper wire is unsoldered. In general, there is a horn sound after the battery is on, and no light is on, which is the case.

3. Battery box - check if the wire is broken and the spring is in good contact with the battery.

4. Measure the switch line and see that the micro switch is not energized. If there is no problem with the power on behalf of the switch, if it is not energized, please replace the micro switch.

5. The circuit board, all the above problems are checked, then you have to replace the motherboard.

6. The horizontal line of the laser tube is not bright: first check to see if the copper wire is broken. If you look at the next pair, the light is not bright. If the next point is not bright, you have to put the black line on the last line of the terminal block. Remove it, the horizontal line will be fine.

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